The ropes that did

There once was a girl
who hung by four ropes
 tied at feet and her wrists
She could no longer cope

Her ropes touched the sky
As far as she could see
Her connection to heaven
Was as clear as could be

If the girl came to a fall
The ropes still held her up
And she decided one day
That she had had enough

She sliced as she cut away
The ropes from her arms
So they could no longer control her
And no more cause her harm
But as the girl came to stand
She fell back to the floor
 If she untied her feet she thought
She'd stand up for sure

So after her legs
Were surely set free
She took a forward bound
But gravity did not agree

She hit the floor
But what she couldnt line-up
That the ropes that she fought
Were there to hold her up

She tried to re-tie them
But the ropes withered away
So the girl still lies there
Forever she will stay

The End

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