The Room without WindowsMature

A young boy and his lover

Liquid darkness swam around him

No sordid sight did find him

He let his lover bind him

In the room without windows


The rope bit his skin

He managed to maintain a grin

In pain he may have been

But his pride was on the line


Their bodies intertwined

Like the tendrils of a vine

His blood was the colour of sweet wine

In the room without windows


His kissed his skin

And hidden within, he knew the boy

He once had been

In the closet bound by fear and chains

Wearing his pain like grass stains


But his Agony was red

It dragged him to bed

Breathing into him misery and woe

In that room without windows


With nowhere left to go

And nothing left to show

He let him inside to the deepest part of him

His heart throbbed with methodical rhythm of rain

Even then more kept pouring

His love kept soring in

The room without windows


Deeper, deeper he cried

As he lied on the frigid floor

Hands in fists, tears flooded his eyes

Body shivering wet with gore

The cuts on his skin puckered like lips longing for a kiss

And on his wrist he cared his lover’s name


He stabbed him viciously with the will

To turn his love to the desire to kill

His precious love so delicate it hurt

Like a burnt offering

He sacrificed his most precious gem

To them who dare to call his feelings fake

To say his existence is a mistake

And with no other direction to take

In the room without windows


He sought love but found none

In the dry desert under an unforgiving sun

They clung to each other even after they were done

In the room without windows

The End

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