The Rocking Chair


Swaying back and forth in methodical pace

Dreaming upon a lost head of hair

 The air smelt of pine with hint of lost time

Bones brittle, cheeks saggy and blush

Nonetheless so, I was once young, triumphant, and bold

 Rocking that chair with incredible pace


Reminder of the past, the golden eagle sat in thy grasp

A reminder of lost time,

Oh I wish for a second chance

To make the most of each and every second

To erase my mistakes and relive my prime

To cherish my youth 24/7

Yearning for another day

In which I could breathe and blink without any pain

This was far out of my control,

All is lost


My wrinkles rippled, blue veins popped

My back cracking in pain

The hairs on my neck became erect

My eyes winced, twitching

My rocking chair halted to a stop

I had lost my drive,

The will to live

The Golden Eagle dropped from unforgiving grasp

Exposing its engraved text

“Cherish youth, don’t endure thy pain”

The End

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