The Roads

Oh he had a hard life on his hands,
But he'd never take a stand,
For what he's worth or what he loves,
He needed an angel from above,
But his cash was low and his faith was too,
Never knowing what he should do,
So he packed his things and drove away,
No regrets in mind nothing left to say,
And now a fork in the road a left right turn,
And in the middle an angel stood, she said,
Come with me to a place I know,
Where theres always a choice, a place to go,
Where love is forever day and night,
There's no need to sacrifice,
So follow the left road to the cross,
And pray for things you've gained and lost,
He'll take you to the skies above,
So you live in the light of his love,
But the young ol' man he took a right,
Which promised fortunes and fame, power and might,
So he took a right thats where he stayed,
Until the time there came that day,
Where his sins in life he'd have to pay,
He refused to god he would not go,
To the fate below he'd always known,
He was dragged on down into the flames,
Which burned his heart and made him say,
Lord oh Lord what have i done,
I've always gotten what I'd want,
Can I get forgiveness one last time,
One more chance to make it right,
So there he was at the roads again,
Washed away of all his sin,
The angel stood there in her light,
Watching over him redecide,
The young ol' man he looked her way
And said theres something i must say,
What did i do to deserve rebirth,
What gives the right for my return,
But she just stood there nothing said,
She pointed the road he hadn't took,
And from that day he understood,
With the second chance he lived his days,
Alongside Christ, the one who payed

The End

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