LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupidity spreading like a disease

And Potential running away

And The people that don't fall into this trap

Are called Nerds, Retards, and Gay


Why is it that those with straight A's

Are those being pushed around

And those with C's and D's and F's

Are the ones pushing us to the Ground


But in 20 years we can say 

The bully's are those on the streets

The ones asking us for cold hard cash

Used to kick us with their bullying feet


While we will be in our comfortable houses

And we look down at them and think

When you kicked us and pushed us and punched us around

It stunk for me and now for you it stinks


So we are the nerds

and the geeks

and the dweebs

But we are successful as can be

The End

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