Granted One Wish

We might say

I want TV

I want Cake

I want Ice Cream

I want Pizza

I want my own Visa


But if you were granted one wish, any wish

What would It REALLY be?

Do you know that halfway accross the world, people are lying dead?

They don't know what Pizza IS, they can barely get hold of bread.

They die due to little things

That nobody worries about here

So would you wish for a new Video Game

Or wish to end their fear?

Do you know that kids on the other side

Can't get an education?

While we can say that we cry

If we don't like our vacation.

So would you wish for the answers to your test,

Or help them learn the alphabet?

Now think honestly,

You can help a major society.

And the selflessness of your one wish

Will make you the best person you can be.

The End

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