You may not know it,

But we are falling apart

Two paths diverging,

And are choices aren't smart.

When Frost said Two Paths diverge in a wood,

He took the one less traveled by.

Did he mention where the two paths went?

One made you laugh, the other made you cry.

He saw everybody go through the path of oppression,

The path of depression,

The path of obsession.

Our nation follows that single path,

And now our country is facing its wrath.

But Frost decided to be smart.

He took the path that helped his Heart.

While the United States is in a Chaotic Era,

He only has to worry about things as small as a wart.

The United States is like that today.

Our common sense is fading away.

But people like Frost can happily say,

That when the path separated, he went the right way!

The End

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