The River to Rights

Being kicked by the angry feet of oppression

Being thrown into the river of segregation

And so, my friend, I ask,

What has happened to this nation?

The people of the Country refuse to Embrace

Their differences with those of a different race

And so, once again, I ask,

Why does the American dream go to waste?

A black man is this, A white man is that

And you are retarded as long as you're fat

And why do I need to ask,

Do you have to look at people like that?

People fought for freedom, which surely is gone

They died for rights they couldn't hold onto for long

And then again, I plead

Don't you think that that is wrong?

Now look with your heart, not just with your eyes

And don't  take it by surprise

But the river of rights is flowing away

And the water will wash out to the bay

And the time to change our ways is TODAY

And listen closely, as I ask

Do you want freedom to run away?

The End

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