The Ring

From the Book:
"From the Heart, and Through the Pain: A Collection of Songs & Poems"
by Nick Robinson

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The Ring

©1994 Nick Robinson (FTH Ch 2, pg 12)


You see the sign one day, and it comes right outta the blue

It hits you like a ton of bricks, and takes a chunk right outta you

Though before the sign you’d always said

It was over long ago and the love was dead

Still it hurts you deep when you see

That the ring isn’t where it used to be


You wonder if you were really so bad, you question yourself endlessly

You try to find the reason why the ring was gone so easily

Do we remove the ring for the simple fact

That we said it was over, and that is that

Or do we do it because we fear

Someone else might see, and won’t come near


I guess the answer lies within ourselves; we have our own reasons for severing that tie

But can you simply remove the ring and just get on with your lives

I’m just as guilty of the act, I’d tell myself it was the next thing to do

But I can’t just remove the ring and say that I’m over you

Now I find myself living in limbo and lacking a reason to proceed

‘Cause I’ve lost the love of my life and my reason to succeed


And maybe that’s why I just exist through the days

And spend most nights in a drunken haze

‘Cause to say that it’s over and it’s as simple as that

Would be lying to myself and deny the fact…

That everything I was, was because of you

And without you in my life my dreams won’t come true

The End

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