The Revolution


Just started this one.  Will work on it more later.


 The revolution is over.
We fought the war and won and lost,
and no-one cares
for anything but the cost.

The cause but a subtext,
'cause who cares for the whole story
when the glory
just ain't cool any more.

This is all we've
all been needing, the very purpose
of our thieving,
mocking, marching, and deceiving.

It's what we've prayed
and hoped and called for, bent so many
others' wills toward,
and now that we've come all this way,
we can't recall just what it was
we came for in the first place.

So rally all the corpses,
all the protesters and soldiers, and their
nearest and their dearest,
and they'll fear us like the clearest
sign of Satan here on Earth, just
stand and stare and "stabilize the peace".

The End

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