The Revenge

Something funny I came up with a while back.

Each night I hear it, each day louder still,

The laugh of a madman, whom I am driven to kill.

He follows me everywhere, ruins my life,

But everyone goes about business, as if there wasn’t strife.

Everyone takes his side, never minding me,

And although I have tried and tried, I can’t even flee.

Day in and day out, each and every day  same,

This madman goes and tears me, as if it were all a game.

I’ve had it, I’m finished, I’m finally done,

But he’s just doing the usual, thinking it’s just fun.

I’ve had enough of fun, I’ve had enough games,

He forced me to do it, can you really give me the blames?

My each and every hope and each of my dreams,

My life has been torn apart, ripped to pieces at the seams.

I am finally beginning my action,

Finally, finally, my sweet revenge’s enaction.

I pick up the blade, the one the fool brought here,

Happy birthday neighbor! He shouted, and it drew my tear.

Of all the people, no one remembers me,

None but him, and a cake blade becomes his end, finally.

This moment I have awaited for so long,

I walk to his house next door, the time has come to be strong.

I knock on the door, not once, not twice, but thrice,

He answers with that big smile, and my veins fill with ice.

Never again will that smile even start,

That smile that brought so much pain, ends as I stab his heart.

I did it, it’s over, I’m finally free!
I killed he who lived in a pineapple, under the sea.

The End

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