The Revelation

For a moment, time stood still.
All around is a picture frozen.
A living canvas of dark haven.
My shattered heart, yearning a kill.

Ominous premonitions are coming true.
I'm begging you! What do I do?
You say I didn't make it.
I gave my all, why can't I top it?

Give me a chance to go back time.
Erase all my faults, all my crimes.
Bless me a chance, a single hope.
To redeem myself, help me cope.

Comforting words and pitiful eyes.
I don't need them, they're all lies!
You stabbed me with your verdict.
My heart's in pieces, you broke it!

I stood defenseless, looking around.
Everyone in motion, time moved on.
But I'm left behind all alone.
This pain, to me is solely bound.

A silent prayer to the midnight skies.
A warrior defeated, I close my eyes.
Soothe me with your dark embrace.
Eternally yours, eternally disgraced...

The End

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