The Return of The People

A kind of Avatar inspired poem I've just knocked together between history essays :( ... It's going to be very flawed because I haven't really drafted or edited it. Response of any kind is welcome : )

Sparking, frothing, boiling, heaving

The People had returned, but our world was bleeding.

Lava rolled past in a sporadic march,

Surrounding the last city, and the crumbling arch.

The skies were torn, red as blood,

Raining down fire, they fed the flood.

Mashed, splintered, cracked: bones,

Severed, mutilated, dismembered: Our brothers, our sisters, our children.

Back through the portal we had came,

With the speed of the Old Ones, whipping our steeds lame,

Weapons to the sky, battle calls cried, heads held high, we came.

Down on to the lush plain, of vibrancy; our lucrative empire, we came?

No. Through we passed, unto fire and pain, gushing orange veins, dark, hot, waste,

All were slain.

Long we wept, until away the city was swept, and memory was all that was left.

Then began the search, we never slept, and tirelessly checked, but bitter few did we intercept,

So then we left, remnants of greatness, brought down to our knees, by a foreign creed

But again we grew, with strength and life, in the untouched world, we knew not strife,

But peace this time was not a choice, and so came forth, revenge's voice,

And down we flew, a mighty force, terrible and blue, and crashed to earth and before they knew, the humans we slew, and overthrew, and peace unfurled and

We freed that world, from its chains and slavery, and once again the balance swirled, and twirled,

And I was the herald, and brought forth all the animals and creatures, and life was the jewel.

Under new rule, this world was sparking, frothing, boiling and heaving too... with life, in peace.


The End

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