The Return

I can feel it settling in again
as the haunted melody plays through my ears
It is returning
But this time I am allowing it
Craving the energy it brings
Prying on the sadistic thoughts

My eyes are wide this time
And there is no fear
The crooked smile stitches its way onto my face
My mind has already cleared its space for my isolation
My heart beats a dark tune
The energy warps through my vessels

Their eyes will show worry
Their hands will point to a sanctuary
Their hearts will open for the darkness
Pleading to let the light cleanse
But I'll wear my crooked smile
And this dark presence will give its answer

As these blood-filled nightmares consume me
Death will become a pleasant dream
And this ever looming presence in my chest
Will smother my heart with its vile hands

And I will be reborn

The End

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