The Rescuer's Song

Most, if not all who are involved in animal rescue, often feel hopeless, helpless, and like they have failed. A recuer usually wants to be able to rescue and save every creature in distress. An impossible dream. This is my view of that dream.


''I found this bird'' you often hear,
''In my garden, scared and cold.
Please keep it in your sanctuary''
(this tale is heard of old)

You know this scared and flighty bird
Would be impossible to catch.
It's simply another 'unwanted'
Another victim who didnt quite match.

And so the victim, sad and lost,
Abandoned and alone
Is given food and warmth and love
In its new and scary home.

You will ask yourself who's heart today
Lays heaviest in their chest.
Your own heart, or the heart that beats
Within a lonely feathered breast.

But this is part of rescue,
It's a door you can not close.
And although the victim has no choice,
This is the life YOU chose.

All that matters, all that counts
Is that you can take some pain away
From the tiny victim in your care,
And shine on him some light today.

There's so many lives you can not change,
You'd give your life to change them all.
but now, TODAY, you have the chance
To cup your hands and break a fall.

Keep that always in your heart,
And when you most despair,
Remember, as that one bird fell,
You caught it, you were THERE.

On behalf of the rescuers

The End

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