The Reptile House

I haven’t been sleeping well
  staying up too late
    slithering in place

        I haven’t been eating well
          unstable unhealthy unbalanced
           calorie intake
           consume, digest, rest, recuperate
          simultaneously salivate
        for sustenance
     and starvation weight

 I haven’t been taking myself
seriously these days
no prays left for prey
of my wicked old ways
 I've tempted fruit and fate
  with the same display
    while my tongue flicks about
      in my mouth with complaint

      I’ve acted weird
        and, at times, fierce
          but lately I’ve been
            too scarce to
               be feared

                  I haven’t been
                   feeling safe of late
                    seeing specters
                     slipping inside-out
                     of my way
                     unsure if I'll
                    deteriorate, age
                   or crawl free from
                 my state

              Inside is soft
            somehow younger
           outside itches like it
           doesn't belong
           lost my footing once
            in a wager with fate 
             so what's left
               for me now
                  but to

The End

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