The Record Collector

The Record Collector 

Has things of galore. 

Files of life. 

Both, wealthy and poor. 

The Record Collector

Keeps records of all. 

Every success,

Every stumble and fall.

The Record Collector

Collects things of all kinds. 

Whatever is precious,

Whatever he finds. 

The Record Collector

Looks on with delight,

at every embrace

and at every plight. 

The Record  Collector 

is left in ALL Wills. 

When we pass-

he gets more than his fill. 

He takes no life. 

He takes no love.

He only smiles from above. 

Is he us?

Is he him?

Who are we?

What can we be?

The Record Collector

Simply sees. 

He does not define

what we can be. 

The End

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