The Reaper's Question?

A conversation dealing with two characters, Life and Death.

Welcome to The End, Withering soul,

To the Blackened Depths of haunting,

Burroughs forgotten by time,

Essences engulfed by nothingness,

Pupils glaring with emptiness,

The one and only Absolute here is,


He is the one with a Chilling whisper,

The cold he brings, is only felt once,

Humanity fails to remember,

It is only felt once,

He speaks to the ignorant,

He Breezes remembrance,

"The debt must be paid, for all shall pay"...

The Known bringer of death, Feared taker of breath,

The Spirit snatcher,

Sentenced to a cursed fate, once upon a time asked,

"Who will be left, to bring me peace?"


Listener from beginning,

Rival from start,

With a never ending supply of snickering remarks,

Once replied,

"Selfish fool,

Do not ponder for you have no soul,

You are Nothing; mere nothingness,

With No Fate,

Bound to Duty,

That is your eternity,

Your peace,




The Chilling whisperer

Breezes remembrance,

"Ask yourself that question"....

Time has come, Time has gone,

"Who is the fool, old friend?

You die on my terms,

This is the End."


The End

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