The real me

You say I have a happy temperament,

I've never been in a tough predicament,

Never seen pain so I'm always blithely,

Never been hurt, so I'm always lively.


You see sunshine in my eyes,

Say you can visualize,

Richness in the words I speak,

Brightness in my laughter so bleak.


But your eyes cannot look below,

This facade I've put up for show,

You see no scars, for they are well hidden,

No sorrow, for it is unspoken.


Look at this mask I've fabricated,

But not the past that I've abdicated,

Look no further past my skin,

At the unrestful turbulence I contain within.


As long as you believe this illusion,

Swept in the waves of an erratic delusion,

I shall rest for you cannot see,

Who I am, the real me

The End

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