The Real Fool

Watch out for her they whisper
Hiding their kids and doubloon
She’s got piercings and rings and white hair
And drinks away all afternoon
She’s higher than a kite
at times; hoping to forget
Through your burning stares
And bated gossip breaths;

But what do you know
of cigarette stained faces and matted hair
and burnt lungs and white washed teeth?
What do you perceive of pipes and puffs
and the white smog and dust
that make her complete;

The bottom of the hole
Beneath the proverbial food-chain
Too low to get on you said
Unearthly and unclean

Society scoffs at her pain
Laughs at her mortar soul
She's caved in from their words and acidic smiles
Their poison breath does more to her than her smoke
Pitiful sights of pain titillating the public
And you say you’ve grown up;

Into what?

A mindless world of inequality
Where men rule from the background
And women lay down their stairs
And pave their path, because what better than to be recognized?
Throw a sister under the bus to seek the approval
Of a sick minded fool;

Who is the real fool?

The End

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