The Reader, The Nurse, The Enemy

*NOTE: This poem is also for my story Letters to Nowhere
but has no place within the story as of yet. Just enjoy it or something like
that --and if you have suggestions where it could land in the story, I may take
that suggestion (and of course credit it to you! How exciting is that ^o^)

NOTE II: I bet the way this is written will drive you crazy -I'm glad

NOTE III: It's collaborative if you want to add to it ~ knock yourself out ^o^

Truth be known
to the prying eyes
That which in cryption
be written so...
Clearly the world
is sick
Sick because we
changed it that way
Claiming of its
isolated ourselves
Created a moral consequence
for surviving
Made "perfect" a world
that has no practical use
For perfection.
Why create a world
within a world
That cannot exist
(Apart from)
the world already in
The enemy is learning
Truth hides in the
process of learning
The enemy attacks
disguises itself as trivial knowledge
The enemy attacks
Our illness
disguising itself as
A way out of
(Really, just avoiding)
is not to believe what
You see
What you hear
are only lies.

The End

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