The Rave

A feeling of musical beats

Dancing the night away,
Rooms filled with neon lights,
Flashing their moves on the dance floor.

Putting all of their emotion into their moves,
Trying to figure out who's the best of the best,
But in the end they all learn new moves.

Everyone does their best work,
Flowing with the music,
Caught up in the neon haze of life.

Crowd cheers you on,
You're the best now,
It's your time to shine.

Single dances are the main scene tonight,
But every once and awhile there is a duet.

It starts out with two people flashing their moves,
But soon the dance floor becomes a battlefield.

Standing in front of each other, sizing the other up.
Finally the word is given and one busts a move.

Then stop, the other dancer follows in suit.
Both dancers creating a great dance of love.

Love and hate don't matter tonight.
Everyone has a good time.

Even if you show up in the worst of moods,
You'll be happy while you dance.
For this is the power of the rave. 

The End

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