The Quelling of the Harsh Truth

My first break up poem written 2 hours after my first break up 365 days ago :)

I feel as if my last breath has been violently stolen from me.
The she-devil coaxing you to the cliff's edge,
Until in a moment, that infatuation turns to disgust and dismay.
The one "true" love becomes a vixen of heartbreak.
There must be no love or passion in this world.
Life sickens me.
The family dog has been slain,
But is being portrayed as a vicious façade to facilitate being "friends".
Why must I be here?
I serve no purpose.
Only as lust and heartbreak;
All over a journey, a message, and a forsaken homeland.
You have forsaken me.

Was I really so dull as to admit these feelings?
Lured into the open;
Naked of secrets;
Torn apart by ASCII characters.
As not to even smite me by voice to my face.
But instead the cowardice of using text.
Anger has come and gone.
The next phase has begun.
I was foolish to think of you as the love of my life.
You were the joy of my life... once.
But now the blinders have vanished.
I am here not to experience the "almighty" female;
But instead the seemingly transparent final exams.
Do I see clearly now?
I fear I finally do.

For anyone can claim "love",
But a rarity would it be for it to be true.
Zuzana -- Susan -- your Slovakian heritage is both a disguised trap and a lure.
There is no doubt that you are beautiful,
But you have not proven your worth.
You never will.
You led me on.
You fooled me.
Apology is never enough;
For my common sense prevails.
You're not sorry; neither am I.
Schussdefekt* is a torment to me.
This separation is permanent.
The awkwardness will vanish; as will our friendship.

The End

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