The Pursuit of Happiness

I want to cut myself more and more,

To feel the pain slip away.


I am different now,

Than I was before,

I’ve grown, I’ve changed,

But you don’t notice.


I come home and you look at me,

But you don’t really see.

You don’t see the changes,

The pain behind the eyes.


I’m dying inside,

But you do not see,

My eyes scream for help,

But you do not hear.


You think my anger is due to video games?

I go there to escape my life,

To be free of this hell,

But you drag me right back in.


I try to break free from this pain,

I try to be normal, to be happy,

I want to be happy,

Just let me, be me.


My hand shakes as it holds the blade,

Pressed against the skin,

This can be my escape,

You can’t take this from me.


I just want to be happy,

Is that too much to ask?

The End

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