The Puppet

Life, as it were, for me not her

will differ through what I’ve become

I continue to stare at the sway of her hair

in a room that was once home to some

I might comprehend that our love had no end

it was written in the stars above

Laugh and play like only two may

Drowning in attraction, perhaps love

A blackened veil now deems my life stale

as I hear her stories of glee

My torturous mind has left me behind,

From my heart I will never be free

From love to lust, the demise of trust

memories will only remain

Though emotions are strong as I fall but hold on

to a bond that had so much to gain

At a mere thought, I have learned and taught

of a better life for both

From different lands yet similar hands

hindsight has left a mere ghost

And what now? smile and bow

at a life I must see as gone

The mind is corroded by emotions exploded

I sink to the depths hereon

why cry like a child beneath plastic smiles

that I can hold no more

Head thrust to hell though know one can tell

I focus still on the lure

For this is her, moved on to differ

and simple, that it may be

Because I am still waiting, unhesitating

wanting her next to me

So this is first love, no stars above

For ignorance seems to be bliss

Here I ponder what life is beyond her

but please, just one more kiss

Perhaps she’s the same, these words are for pain

Or shall I stare at the clock

This is no friend, I only depend

On my soul mate, soul mate tick tock



The End

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