The Pupeteer The Mastermind The Seer

So you may have noticed that I leave thoughts out so that it seems discontiguous. But purposefully so! Allow yourself to think about it; let your imagination run...which is also why I don't really use periods ---I have enough problems with periods as it is (I digress).

The Hands of Time
weave the threads
that which draws us
closer to...
So intricate the design
Is it fate
or is it change
(The hiccoughs of time)
Who pulls the strings
or guides its
Who is the Weaver
Is the design not

*A plan is always
in motion
that by which has
an end but no end
that can be seen*

Would imply
there be two
and not one
But Time is an
And so is the dichotomy
of two opposing forces
(May be three)
After all change
is contrary to plan
The one who knows
will see which
Thread to lay bare

The End

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