The Proverb

Also written on an aeroplane after an exceedingly odd experience in the airport.

Out of sight, out of mind:
I won’t try to deny,
But somehow I just can’t be blind-
A dreamer such as I.
I’m sure in many cases
The proverb still runs true,
But fain forget when my mind chases
Mirage-like images of you.
Physically, you’re out of sight,
But that can’t work for me:
I won’t forget without a fight,
So in my head I see.
Everywhere I turn, you’re there,
I look twice and you vanish.
I hear your voice thrill through the air-
A sound I fail to banish.
I see your clothes, your build, your gait;
Though never truly all together.
The unknown time I have to wait
Seems closer to forever.

The End

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