A Requiem for Love

A shooting star,
It falls to the Earth,
Slicing through galactic winds,
Cutting through the echoing silence.

My knight, in his rusted armour,
Riding his pitch black horse,
Came upon that single star,
To play me my final requiem.

The cacophony of silent violins,
Of beat-less drums,
And voiceless singers,
It was my final lullaby.

My knight, he rode, in his rusted armour,
He held me close and whispered the sweetest nothing into my ear,
"Just close your eyes, then sleep my dear."
His warm embrace was all I needed to engulf my being.

A shooting star,
It falls to the Earth,
You held me in your arms,
As we sliced through memories, hopes and life.

"You are Dream and I am Death."
The whisper opened my eyes,
When they opened, you were not there,
But your soundless song remained,

"I am Death,
You are Dream,
Your existence I hereby claim,
Upon this starless night.
I shall return one day-less evening,
Then we shall be one,
But know that our existence shall never truly be."

With your song I shed a tear,
The raven spoke as the wolf she sang,
I feared the truth,
Then I, the last verse to love's requiem, I bled my heart for you. For I knew,
"My existence can never be. Without you."

The End

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