I Will Not

I could, if I wanted to,
I could make him bleed inside.
A crushed pomegranate
Still encase in yellow skin.

Just like me.

But would it really be better
For us both to bleed?
If fruit destroys fruit
Who will ever enjoy our flavors?

I could, and I do want to,
But I will not. My will
For good will come first
And I will seek healing

Just for me.

I will step out
On a rainy day and let the rain
Wash the blood away.

I will hold out
These torn hands
Till someone takes them gently
And hears me softly sobbing.

I will search out
The fragrant lullaby
That will sing my soul to peace.

I will not

Will that the bloodthirsting rain
On the one who caused my pain.

I will learn to be me.
The me apart from my scars.
The me

I want to be.

The End

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