The Protagonize Poem

I want to write a collaborative poem with all the poets out there!

So here's the idea, I want to write a really long poem (I was originally going to say longest poem in the world, but apparently that word count is in the ten's of millions, and I don't think we'll be reaching that.) So let's aim for the longest poem on Protagonize, that shouldn't be too hard I imagine, as I reckon most poems on here are only one post long.

Here's the trick, someone will start writing a poem on whatever topic they like, the next person may continue on this same topic, playing devil's advocate or agreeing with it OR they can change the subject, the catch is it has to segue, I don't want any snap changes, I want to be able to see the connection in subject change! 

You can use any style you want, rhyming non rhyming, structured non structured, I just want you to make sure it fits with the dynamic, or works as a break away!

Another thing, is I really want you all to critique, so if you post a section I want you to give an in-depth critique of the person before you, this way we all grow as poets and critics!

(That is not to say that we don't welcome other critics who don't wish to participate!)

Right, so without further rambling, Poet's at the ready!?




The End

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