The Promised Land.

Not letting your inner demons take your joy.

The fire still burns within me,

devouring as much life as it can;

drinking my joy, like a vampire does blood.

Oh, how the stab wounds are not healed!

However, they can be ignored.

Of this feeling I am now bored.

I am growing old, I am ageing,

the life I have is ever changing.

I will not give in as I face the flames,

my iron heart will always remain.

I dare you to try to swallow me up,

go on then! Take your chances with me!

I will be like a firework,

you try and make me burn,

but all I do is light up the sky with my inner colours.

Whatever you say will not tear me down!

You try making me a fool but become the clown.

Although you'll try and make me frown,

I'll get through it, I'll get around!

The words in my mind are as fickle as their maker,

my demons think they've won,

but they don't know Im with God's son.

So the devil can greet a certain finger on my hand,

because now I'm off to the promised land.


The End

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