The Promise of a Soul-Mate

The Promise of a Soul-Mate

The Promise of a Soul-Mate  

A narrative poem

By Natanel Hershberg


Jinny is my best of friends

We grew up as happy as can be

All was good for her and for me

But at seventeen a terrible accident occurred

I survived but something in me died

As the doctor had ill news

I could not be a mother


But it had to be a secret

I kept it a secret

And so did Jinny and my parents

Life continued and people thought me un-social

I rather say I don’t want

I just couldn’t say I could not


Jinny was most kind

As she always had been  

She and her soul-mate had seven gorgeous little diamonds

I became a mother of sorts

As it became my home away from home


One day Jinny fell ill

She couldn’t care for her diamonds 

I did my best to help her

But she was very sick


One day Jinny called me to her room

She asked the nurse to leave us please

She told me a terrible thing

I couldn’t believe it

Although I knew it to be true

She was moving on…

It was certain


“Can you make me a promise?”

She asked her best friend


“What is it?”

“I will tell you but please promise you will do it”

“I promise I will try my best”

She looked at me with her kind eyes

“When I leave you…”

“Open this”

I promised I would


Jinny moved on …

The pain was unbearable

It was time to keep my promise

The one I made to Jinny on her deathbed

It was a letter

With few lines

“Become a mother”

“Look after my seven diamonds”

“I have two soul-mates”

“I have left you two”

“You two”

“Be happy”

“Do it for me”


Jinny’s soul-mate was kind too

A while later we fulfilled my promise

And I was happy

My seven diamonds have a mother

One they considered as such

Even when they had another


Jinny will always be my best of friends

We will stay as happy as can be

As I will always keep my promise

The Promise of a Soul-mate 

The End

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