The Promise

A poem that I wrote last night....

 The Promise

You made the promsie many have made,
The promise to forever stay,
You're the one that I believe,
You're the one that'll never leave.

A promise that's so easy to make,
Like my heart is easy to break,
I trust that with you, my heart'll stay whole,
I trust that you, will never damage my soul.

This promise has been made before,
This promise borke me to the core,
You'll never make me feel that pain,
From my tears you'll never gain.

This promise has torn me apart,
This promise has scarred my heart,
You'll never be why I cry,
To me you'll never say "good-bye".

Now keep the promise, don't disappear,
Be the first to show you care,
Through my worst and through my best,
Show me you're not like the rest.

The End

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