The Promenade of Vibrant Dreams

Ok... This idea is for an experimental poem...

My idea is that anyone who wants to can contribute a stanza per "chapter." The only real rule being to try and see if you can stick to the rhythm and rhyme scheme.

The subject matter is dreams so you could basically talk about whatever you wanted.

Maybe I'll start with a few stanzas to kick it off.

The darkness spreads, across the sky,

The cold winds sweeping north.

The city swims, in urban lights,

Inside the sheets is warmth.


Although it's soft inside his bed,

His heart pumps blood though's hollow.

The Artist since, no longer wed,

He always sleeps with sorrow.


His hair is tossed across pillows,

His blanket whipped about,

His dreams speed past, like Broadway shows,

At eighty miles an hour.

The End

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