The Prodigal Phoenix

I've f*cked up this life, it's all draining away.
Burnt everything down to the smoke-choked earth.
Every inch of flesh is coming off my bones
Like a million leprous limbs, they're gone.
There's nothing left to do but sweep up this debris,
And then start it all over again.
There, I see it. A chance for a prodigal soul
Dancing on the horizon, it's coming in reach
With every bit I throw away. 
When every drop of blood has spilled
When every penny of wealth been lost, when
Every muscle and every vein, every memory in my brain
Has been torn and tattered and thrown to the dust
The time will come to rise again.
When every last feather has been singed, 
Let this phoenix fly away once more
Reborn from the ashes of a past failure
Now nothing but a faded stain
In the perfect stitches on my new born skin.

The End

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