The Princess and The Tower

A poem. In a metaphorical sense it's about cancer, but it is written as a fairytale.

Once upon a time
there was a princess
She lived in a castle
in a land
far from here.
The princess was beautiful
and beloved
in a great deal of danger.
In her tower
there lurked
a monster
a fiend
a darkness.
The princess lived in defiance of the monster
for many years.
It cast shadows in her chambers
drafts in the corridors
the princess was happy
However the darkness was insatiable.
And it was not pleased.
One evening
the darkness enveloped her tower
It shackled her
cast irons over her windows.
Each day
the king
and queen
would visit the bound princess
and plead for her release.
But to no avail.
The monster could not be reasoned with.
It was a vile creature
The worst kind of captor.
The princess struggled
for her freedom
Undaunted by her fate.
the dark
tightened it’s grip around her
to break her.
But the princess
had not been raised in such a way
and would certainly
never bow to such
a demon.
She kept her mind locked and
her heart true.
Each night
the princess would look out the window
of her tower
turned prison
to see
a crescent shaped moon
a winking eye
in the sea of the night.
And she knew she was not alone.
Even when the darkness drifted over her eyes and
stifled in her throat
she knew.
Even when the shadows
consumed her
and she understood
there was no way out
no prince
to ride in and save her
no way
to end the vindictive fury
she knew.
The monster was sly —
It crept up
on the princess
as she thought
and snatched her.
It drug her through the night
thinking it had won.
But all along she knew.
Even as it dragged her.
Even as it stole her.
As the darkness took her
the princess knew.

The End

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