The Princess and the Toad

A fantasy set in today's time. A modest effort at best.

A love potion, a secret stash,

A hidden smile, some saved cash;

An old sedan, a winding road,

The Prince, the Princess and the Toad.


A fairy tale, from beginning to end,

A happy fable, a true godsend;

A love so sparkling, pristine and free,

So instead of a couple, why were there three?


The Prince took the wheel, the tires hissed,

The frame shuddered, the radio bled;

A haunting sound made the Princess frown,

And the Toad, in a corner, it did send.


The remote locale, the wild foliage,

The shiny moon with the stars abreast;

The crickets’ chatter, the wolves' moon,

The travelers pray to end their journey soon.


A hand clutching her heart, fingers gleaming with gold,

A scream lodged deep and stuck in her throat;

The Princess reconsiders her haste and softly moans,

But she has done what she had mote.

The joy of departure, the thrill of the flight,

No longer seems exciting, it doesn’t seem right;

She stares at the stiff profile of her lover,

And regrets each step taken out of her bower.


The Toad ribbits from his comfy nook,

He wonders what he should have done, what it would have took;

To claim the Princess and make her his,

To hold her in his arms, make her crave for his kiss.


The Prince at the wheel is smiling bright,

His smugness is apparent, his movements light;

His mission is accomplished, his beauty has won,

‘twas to trap the sweet Princess and now that is done.


The clouds rumble, the night skies leak,

The road becomes dreary and the winds begin to creak;

The Fates are speaking as they should have done before,

This terrible tragedy shall not continue anymore.


The car is shaken from its curving way,

A swinging tangle of branches makes it sway;

The Prince, spooked, jumps out to slide,

The Princess and the Toad have nowhere to hide.


They pray to the demi-gods, they pray to the Saint,

The Toad looks on fearless as the Princess grows faint;

A loud roaring sound, the car begins to swirl,

The Toad still tries to shield the sleeping girl.


The heavens open, the rain pours anew,

Their vehicle lies shattered and soaked through;

The Toad croaks from the ruins in a flurry,

The Princess has disappeared, now that’s a worry.


He looks on and around, and out and about,

With a sore spirit and throat, he still manages to shout;

“Where are you, my love; this isn’t a joke”,

The Princess replies then, in a tender croak.


“I’m right where I belong,

The place I’ve always known;

Forgive me for my error, love,

Please take me home”.

The End

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