The Priestess

In the realm of fantasy, she does reside,

None but the chosen shall see what she hides.

If breathing is to Air, as passion is to Fire,

Let no harm be done, this is her desire.

If exciting life is to Earth as Water is to beautiful emotion,

Then let her be filled with everlasting devotion.

Let the gods protect her and keep her from harm,

And bestow on her infinite magic and charm.

None without wisdom shall peer at her ancient pages

Or knowledge she holds handed down through the Ages.

The words written are hers and she harbors no fears,

Her knowledge is obtained through her own blood, sweat and tears.

Her magic is her life and the spirits are her guides,

The love for the gods she holds deep inside.

She is blessed with spiritual light,

Only her magical children are witness to her rites.

For those only of her magic truly can see.

That is her will, so shall it be.

The End

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