The Price of Pity

The night is an obstacle though sleep be a friend

Gather the self from chambers within

How to solute a life from past

An Altogether start to a broken end

Dreamful thought and plastic idiom

Along with the smile cherished no more

Is there a beyond from pacing madness

Or do chains give, in the future to come

Glee for the other, as I am the weak

To touch, to hold, to kiss will assure

The mind will wander like lost children

From love to lust the heart does leak

Once fantastical a marvel at least

Emotion enslaved from holding the sun

Times the healer a slow toll of the clock

but Something unseen draws out the beast

Diction of old uncomprehended

Open the door to those behind

Acceptance be the key though out of reach

Come to the light you the offended

Horror awaits to sever all ties

I may inflict it, nothing achieved

One tear for a murky ocean of severance

Im not alone though drown in weathered highs

Forgive me for the ways of old, I will you

Lessons taught and learned in the storm

cold rain withers the land and the living

A masked heart I see through, be true

The past is present with visual aid

My hand is hear you are too far

Take it, you know the fire, see its flames

For the cold turns the spine, the mind afraid

I wait and glare, there is nothing more

A bond of steel is left to rot

don’t pick the pieces with no help to mend

The bell tolls, but who for

Stars now dim in the blackened shade

Stare not until the eye is caught

The unknown awaits you, greet it

See not immortal light that begins to fade

The End

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