Teddy Bear Coffin

Young lady,

your older now;

no longer  bonded,

by the warmt of Teddy,

your protector of the night.

Time to dig deep within

then dig six feet deeper.


Young lady,

it's time to weave;

your Teddy bear coffin

and you better learn to stop that crying.

Time to bury your sins;

in this chiller of a night

It's time to face your fears;

now for both your sakes.


O so heavy your leaden womb.

O he cowers,stiff with fright,

in the dead of the night.

She  blames him not,

buried alive is a crueler fate

but she couldn't find the will;

to kill;the gifter of her child.


So rest a hell's year;Teddy dear

grasp this gift of fear

as you journey on your bier;

now wait Teddy dear

Nine months come,our child appears

The End

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