Journal entry 624

He cut his hair on a Thursday

thinking it would change the world,

sadly the world remains the same

now it's even more cruel.


All the ones who said they love him

now shun him away with disgust

of this bald figure

or rather he thinks 

a bold heart

that plays the part

na; pays a price.


Now tears gather in his eyes

sparkle before trickle

He comes to the realisation

"Big men don't cry"

Wipes them away with moistened hands,

fastening a mask with strong eyes

He needs to appear strong to the eye

while melancholy resides inside.


He journey's to school by bus

and for a brief moment his chest calms,

his mind blacks.

He doesn't think,

lost in lyric,

doesn't have to face his tears;

peace until ride end

then he's faced with school once again.


At school he avoids his friends

and heads straight for class,

sits, plugs his head phones in 

Again he's lost in the beat of the music

and he waits.


17 songs late class begins.

He has already ensured his seat in the back.

He doesn't like to be the center of attention

or the leading man in front.

He prefers to slouch;

stealth,remain hidden,

challenging his teachers to a game of hide and seek

He heads up

but keeps his head down.


His next class is biology.

He's forced to sit close.

He avoids the regular

and sits on the left.

He hopes this group 

doesn't recognise him

since he cuts his hair to be left alone.



it's 12; 


He can take no more,

lunch is his fall-back

It's thursday manga is released tomorrow

he sneaks away with the crowd

6 feet 2 he is spotted

Friends approach they say nothing

just snickers and sly remarks,

he turns give them back and strolls


head down.

The End

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