The Power of the Friendless

Solitary people give their hearts
Over time their souls withered over human suffering
They look through you
If they see you it is love
If you hurt they can’t go on
So they don’t see you
They keep themselves hidden
Because their minds have been warped
By screams
By gunfire
By the deaths of those they loved
Those they didn’t
Those that gave their lives
And those that took them.


Solitary people don’t deserve hate
They don’t deserve to be treated as outsiders by others
They only loved
But they were punished.
Their human kindness became them
And thus became their weakness
Their vulnerability stood too tall
Too obvious
People took from the solitary people all that they had.
But no more.
No more.
Because now,


Solitary people don’t see you
They look so far through you, through the understanding
That they can’t bring themselves to care
It’s easier to forget you
To forget you like an animal
Just a dog
Just a bug
You made these people sick
You made them into monsters
You made them in your image
Into something disgusting that didn’t care
Doesn’t care anymore.
You made them into solitary people.

The End

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