The Posiemoe's Revenge

The ho-hum drum of the tiggle twigs tom-tom

signaled a day for all,

the figgle-quirks and the yellow staios

were excited for the beggining of Fall.

But, the little blue yelmans and the rainbowed posiemoes

all ran away and hid;

for the red-brown of Fall could not hide them at all

from the king they all called Sid. 

Sid was a man- 

a very mean man

who held fault to those of color.

If they were not tan

or the color of sand

he would put death to them all.

One day aroe a small posiemoe 

of the color purple,

she told king Sid

that what he did 

was shameful to them all. 

"why here we live in a world of color!" 

the little posiemoe cried.

"My father was blue,

and you murdered him too.

I have just one question,


the king stopped and looked

at the little posiemoe,

"why indeed-"

the great king replied.

And he stopped and he thought

but he came up with nought,

so the little posiemoe died. 

Sid, you see,

could not let in be

that one of color 

could question


Then Sid went to bed,

layed down his head

and the next morining arose

surrounded by posiemoes.

And never awoke again. 

The End

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