The PoisonMature

I write better than I talk.

It's a poison.

A black ink,

Staining the heart and

Tattooing the mind.  

The venom drips into every

Corner of my life

And I'm choking under its pressure.


It burns bridges

I thought were made of steel,

Leaving me trapped,



The smoke thickens around me

But I dare not cry out for help,

Out of humiliation

Out of shame.


I cannot go anywhere because I fear.

I fear their judgmental eyes.

I fear their pity.

I'd much rather slink back into my cave

And suffer in silence.

Better not disrupt their world

With my failures, anyway.

I fear the light.

I fear exposure.

The poison has circulated this fear

Through my body,

It boils in my blood.


I know this toxin;

I introduced it to myself.

And some days I push it away

Because I know, I know, how harmful,

How vicious,

How malevolent,

How dangerous,

How pointless,

It is.  


But I won't tell anyone of my addiction.

I can't let them see anything less

Than me.

Or who I am to them.  

Mirrors tell nothing but lies,

Everything but the truth.

Because every time I see my reflection

It is of a strong young woman,

Full of laughter,

Carefree and joyous.


No one sees the poison

Bleeding from within

Because I won't allow it.

The End

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