This is the world that we live in

this is the world we live in
where we're told to be unique, to stand out
but when we step out of our doors, bright coloured
we're laughed at and told we're too strange 

this is the world of double standards
where we are equal without being treated the same
we're told we have a voice but its just ignored
and we're told we are perfect but then told to change 

this is the world of sexism
Where boys should be heartless and strong
and girls should wear dresses- but not be a slut
and where we are judged by our bodies, not minds 

this is the world of rape culture
where the victims the one that's at fault
and boys will be boys and she was asking for it
but when its the other way round, its just not true.

 this is the world of religion
where we are told to believe what we wish
but its just anther way to show whose who-
and to murder those that pray differently.

 this is the world of racism
where the colour of your skins what counts;
if your white then its fine, your just a loner with a problem
but if your not, then you're all to blame 

this is the world that we live in
where people seem to be blind to the truth-
this is the world that we live in
and without change, this is what will cause our end.

The End

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