-I have no title-

In a world where we are told
to be proud of who we are
why are children still told to change
if they do not fit in with their 'roles'

when a teenage boy loves fashion
his father deems him 'not a man'
and tries to tell him to fight, man up
and pushes the teens dreams down.

The little girl who wants to play
as a scientist or astronaut
is, instead, patted on the head,
and sent of to play 'kitchen'

the little boy who wants to play
with dolls and shoes and dresses
is handed a toy car and 'taught to race'
and then taken to play football.

When a teenage girl loves mechanics
Her mother thinks she'd 'not quite right'
and tries to drag her clothes shopping
and insults her make-up free face.

The boy is laughed at when he cries
and the girl is called ugly
all because they want to be
more than what society thinks they should be.

People pride themselves on being different
accepting, kind and loving.
But when faced with someone with different dreams
they seems to hurt instead of help.

So if a child has a dream
or a talent that they love
don’t put them down for it being strange
instead, remind them to be proud.

The End

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