The Virtual Generation

We all live in a virtual generation.

A generation of children

growing up on a screen.

Not looking where they are going

eyes down, ears covered

missing the world around.

A generation with the

world at their fingertips

limitless with the tap of a button.

Instant contact with friends

and instant answers to their questions,

they can do anything- and they know it.

This is a generation that

knows the world they are in

and one that leaves others far behind.

And so those, that misjudge and

don’t understand

criticise and push them away.

They say

The virtual generation live in a bubble

without the screen would they live just the same?

They make virtual friendships that are lies and fake

and that the virtual generation should stop.

The virtual generation does have its downfalls

They live for the destination, not the journey there

They forget the beauty in the setting sun and the snow

and forget to talk face to face, not by phone.


The virtual generation can learn and discover

more than they would ever think

They travel the world without leaving their chair-

and then go there after seeing the picture.

They see the beauty in memoires and pictures

that they can save and remember again.

And they meet others, everywhere, all over the world

and make true friends- with the start of a screen.

We live in a virtual generation

And yes, not everything is good.

But they are learning their place in the world-

a world that was racing before they were born.

The End

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