The World

Where all my poetry goes that doesn't really fit anywhere else!

We live in a world of people divided
Man against woman, and race against race.
A world where woman are expected to be vulnerable
and where men must never show their love.
We live in a world of love divided
some people to scared to be themselves.
A world where only some have freedom
to love and marry the same as themselves.
We live in a world of nations divided
fighting for freedom, losing in death.
A world where peace is a word of the past
and where families wait in fear for news.

This is the world we live in now-
is it a world we want our children in?

They should live in a world with people together
Were men and woman can do and say what they feel
A world where girls don’t have to fear walking alone
and where boys don’t have to pretend to be men.
They should live in a world where love is accepted
no matter who you are and where you live.
A world where man can marry man for love
with no one to stop and hate it.
They should live in a world with nations together
where peace is a world of the present.
A world where people strive to stand up, together, hand in hand
no matter who they are.

The End

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