Heartache Stew

A piece of my heart has broke for you
Put in a pot and left to stew
Add in some parsley, thyme and rosemary.
Just a dash, for tastes will vary.

Like the seasons wrapped in time,
Snow may fall or sun may shine.
Rain pouring down upon your head,
Is no reason not to get out of bed.

Life goes on, we must forge through,
Trying to remember what we knew.
Experiences gathered, knowledge gained,
Lets us move to the next level named.

Look up! Look out! Beyond the blue.
Stars in the sky, clouds anew!
Broth sweetened with a touch of love,
Like sunshine streaming through clouds above.

~ Cathryn Leigh

(written in 2005 for a friend from Dark Age of Camelot, who called himself Mindlesss - I hope he's doing well and has found some happiness in his life.)

The End

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