The Family's Song

[Author's note: Both my husband and I have created personal songs for the kids. This is the one I created, including a verse for myself and for my husband, per my daughter's request. It's sung to the tune for the chorus of Posoin's "She's My Cherry Pie".]


He's my baby boy
Momma's pride, love, and joy
His big smile will not annoy
Sweet baby boy

She's my little girl
Love's to do her ballet twirls
Looks so good in her freckles and curls
Sweet little girl

He's our hockey dad
We don't like to make him mad
When he smiles we know he's glad
He's our hockey dad

She's our singing mom
Makes up lyrics as she goes along
Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong
She's our singing mom


[Additional Author's note: This is not the only song I've had to make up for them. And trust me sometimes the lyrics are utterly wrong, in silly, or rhyming, or nonsence sort of way - but hey my kids love it!]

The End

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